Dr. Chris Corso (SER0) hosted Senator Burr’s staff on behalf of ASTRO at radiation therapy center in Charlotte, NC

Dr. Corso at SERO Hosts Senator Burr’s Health Policy Director

Christopher D. Corso, MD | SERO Doctor | CHS-LCI-Cleveland, Shelby NC

Christopher D. Corso, MD

Without a doubt, there have been numerous advances in the field of cancer diagnostics and treatment over the past few decades. These advancements have given hope to individuals and families suffering from cancer who previously had none. One of these advances is the growth and development of radiation oncology; however, these advances are not possible without adequate funding and financial backing of life-changing research projects. While there are countless charitable organizations that spend limitless hours raising money for medical research, a significant portion of medical research funding still comes from the federal government. The SERO understands the importance of the relationship between government and medical research funding. To this end, health policy staff of Senator Richard Burr was hosted by Dr. Christopher Corso, a SERO physician, during a visit to Charlotte, NC.

A Visit to Levine Cancer Institute in Charlotte, NC

Recently, Dr. Corso welcomed Angela Wiles to the Levine Cancer Institute in Charlotte, NC. Angela Wiles is the Health Policy Director for Senator Richard Burr from North Carolina. From day one, Senator Burr has been an advocate for medical research and, specifically, the field of radiation oncology. Therefore, it was vital for SERO to welcome Senator Burr’s staff to update them on the progress that has been made in the field of radiation oncology as well as answer questions about healthcare policy. Some of the topics that were addressed included:

  • Updates on the radiation treatment options for various forms of cancer
  • The need for continued funding for radiation oncology research
  • The importance of access to care for patients in rural and under-served areas

Dr. Chris Corso led the welcome team from SERO and orchestrated a tour of the radiation oncology facilities for Senator Burr’s staff. As part of an advocacy day for medical research and radiation oncology, Dr. Corso organized an exceptional event for one of the key champions of medical research in the United States Senate. This visit was essential for demonstrating to the government the product of their investment in medical research. Dr. Corso generously offered up his own time to show Senator Burr’s staff the tremendous value and critical role that radiation oncology plays in the treatment of numerous types of cancer.

These visits are crucial to help the American Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology (ASTRO) maintain a strong relationship with the government to promote the advancement of medical research. Informing the government that their investment in medical research is paying dividends ensures that research will continue and, hopefully, continue to bear fruit for countless families who are praying for a cure for cancer.

Exceptional Healthcare from the SERO

Despite the numerous advances that have been made in the field of medicine, cancer continues to plague countless families all over the United States. Because of this, any family with questions or concerns about cancer or the field of radiation oncology should reach out to SERO today to learn more. There is always a friendly and trained professional standing by to provide helpful information.