Nonsurgical Treatment Of Nonmelanoma Skin Cancers Highly Effective But Infrequently Used

Nonsurgical treatment of NMSC with superficial radiation has been used for years back in the 70s and 80s in cancer clinics but has more recently been replaced by surgical techniques. Currently less than 1% of cases of NMSCs are treated with radiation, despite dramatic improvements in technology and shorter treatment schedules that favor patient convenience. A recent body of experience verifies the effectiveness of this technique with control rates that are very high over 95% and similar to surgery without some of the concerns and side effects of invasive therapies. Superficial radiation strategies are especially convenient for patients on blood thinners, complicated lesions around the face, or multiple lesions where extensive surgery would be debilitating. Many times a multi discipline approach using the skills of the dermatologist, Mohs surgeon, and radiation oncologist can bring about the best customized option for individual patient presentations. Any patient with a new non-melanoma skin cancer presentation should request opportunities to explore nonsurgical options to better understand the exciting new developments and treatment schedules tailored to patient convenience.

See the following links for more information as well as biographies of articles supporting the above results in greater than 1000 patients over the last decade.

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