man discussing prostate cancer survival rates with doctor

Meet Dr. Bradley McCall, MD, SERO’s May Provider of the Month

Learn more about Dr. Bradley McCall and the other compassionate radiation oncologists at SERO, Charlotte’s leading provider of radiation cancer treatment.
Dean Gant, MD | Charlotte NC Cancer Treatment Doctor
Dr. Gordon Guo
Stuart Burri, MD | Charlotte NC Cancer Treatment Doctor
couple discussing recent cancer diagnosis

Sharing Your Cancer Diagnosis

A cancer diagnosis can feel like a long road with countless forks in its path, each one presenting a difficult decision you must make. One of these difficult decisions is who to tell about your cancer…
Jerome M. Butler, MD | SERO Doctor | Gaston and Lincoln, NC

Meet Dr. Jerome M. Butler, Jr., SERO’s November Provider of the Month

At SERO, we are committed to fostering meaningful relationships between patients and providers. Connecting on a deeper level allows our physicians to deliver exceptional and personalized care. To…

Welcome SERO’s Newest Advanced Practice Provider | SERO

Since 1977, SERO’s compassionate medical professionals have provided high-quality care to the Charlotte metro area. This month, advanced practice provider Jennifer Smith joins the team, bringing more…
Bo Doline, MD | Charlotte NC Cancer Treatment Doctor

Meet Dr. Robert Doline, MD, SERO’s October Provider of the Month

Radiation oncology is rooted in trust. When cancer patients seek treatment at SERO, they are placing their lives in the hands of our dedicated medical professionals. We do not take that lightly. To…
man discussing prostate cancer survival rates with doctor

Prostate Cancer Survival Rates

Outside of skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in the US. The likelihood of developing prostate cancer increases with age, and some 60% of cases are found in men 65 and above.…