Bo Doline, MD | Charlotte NC Cancer Treatment Doctor

Meet Dr. Robert Doline, MD, SERO’s October Provider of the Month

Radiation oncology is rooted in trust. When cancer patients seek treatment at SERO, they are placing their lives in the hands of our dedicated medical professionals. We do not take that lightly. To…
man discussing prostate cancer survival rates with doctor

Prostate Cancer Survival Rates

Outside of skin cancer, prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men in the US. The likelihood of developing prostate cancer increases with age, and some 60% of cases are found in men 65 and above.…
couple at the lake

Prostate Cancer and Erectile Dysfunction

In men, prostate cancer affects the prostate gland that produces seminal fluid, which nourishes sperm. The blood vessels and nerves surrounding the prostate are very sensitive and therefore respond…
woman experiencing skin irritation after radiation therapy

How to Care for Skin During Radiation

Radiation is one of the best treatments we have in fighting and curing cancer. While modern radiation treatments have fewer side effects than their predecessors, treatments may still irritate the…
Cancer patient and cancer caregiver holding hands

What is a Cancer Caregiver?

A cancer diagnosis does not just affect the patient. Spouses, children, parents, siblings, friends, and other loved ones may all be called upon to help. A cancer caregiver is someone who helps a person…
patient talking to doctor about prostate cancer

What Are the Stages of Prostate Cancer?

SERO reviews the four stages of prostate cancer and the staging systems used to identify the progression of prostate cancer.
A couple discussing cancer costs

The Cost of Cancer

Navigating the costs of cancer on top of the disease itself may seem overwhelming. If you are dealing with a cancer diagnosis, you may prefer to ask a friend or family member to make decisions regarding the financial side of your treatment. 
Couple discussing cancer treatment options with doctor

11 Steps for Choosing Your Cancer Treatment

After your cancer diagnosis, your primary care physician will begin discussing your cancer treatment plan with you and your family.  At SERO, we specialize in radiation therapy, a localized, highly…
Doctor and patient reviewing cancer treatment plan

What Is a Cancer Treatment Plan?

Cancer treatment plans ensure that your entire cancer team understands the patient’s cancer, treatments, symptoms, and goals. SERO covers what your plan should include.

How to Treat a Sunburn

Sunburns are dangerous ailments. They aren't just painful, peeling, itchy, unsightly blemishes—they also increase your risk of developing skin cancer, particularly in children, who may be twice as likely to develop melanoma if they get even a single blistering sunburn. When sunburns do occur, however, take the steps necessary to reduce the pain and alleviate the damage. Sunburns are sneaky—they start with a tell-tale tingling or feeling of tightness in the skin during the initial exposure, followed by a slow reddening, but may take 4–6 hours to fully develop.