Meet Carolina Fasola, MD, MPH, February 2018 Provider of the Month

Posted on February 2, 2018 in Provider of the Month

Written by Dr. Butler

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We are proud of our physicians and all the fantastic work they do in our community. Throughout 2018, we’ll continue to feature interviews starting from our newest physician about life outside of the office.

This month, Carolina Fasola, MD, MPH is our February 2018 Physician of the Month. Dr. Fasola has been with SERO since August 2015 and treats patients at Carolinas Medical Center.

Carolina Elizabeth Fasola, MD

Are There Any Interesting Facts About You That You Would Like to Share?

My family is originally from Chile. We came to the US when I was about 3 years old and moved all the way from Santiago, Chile to Minneapolis, Minnesota where I grew up. I moved back to Chile for a couple of years in my early teens and was able to fully immerse myself in Spanish. Since then, I’ve moved around the US completing my education, living on both coasts and North and South.

I most recently completed my training in California. My family moved to Winston-Salem, NC while I was in college, so when I heard about a job opportunity at SERO in Charlotte, I jumped at the chance to live closer to home.

Tell Us About Your Family

Meet Carolina Fasola, MD, MPH

Earlier generations of my family are Italian and we retain those cultural influences, so I have a tight-knit family consisting of my parents and my two brothers in the US as well as many other family members still living in Chile. My parents are also physicians and my brothers have degrees in computer science and linguistics. The fact that we have a mixture of different areas of expertise provides for some lively discussions at dinnertime.

We enjoy spending time together at the holidays, playing golf, watching movies or soccer games, playing games, cooking and embracing our Italian roots by making homemade pizzas from scratch.

Meet Carolina Fasola, MD, MPH

What Else Do You Like to Do in Your Free Time?

Meet Carolina Fasola, MD, MPH
Meet Carolina Fasola, MD, MPH
Meet Carolina Fasola, MD, MPH
Meet Carolina Fasola, MD, MPH

I love to travel! Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been fortunate enough to travel across continents visiting different parts of the world. I became a Francophile after spending a summer abroad in Paris, France. I enjoy learning new languages, experiencing other cultures, visiting art museums, and attending performances such as the ballet, plays or musicals, which I relish doing in our city of Charlotte as well.

I like spending time with friends both near and far. I enjoy exploring all the restaurants, shops and theaters that Uptown Charlotte has to offer. I also like getting away to the mountains visiting Asheville or Boone.

Do You Have a Favorite Movie, TV Series, or Book Series?

I like to indulge in an annual marathon session of a TV series over the holidays with my family. We were big fans of Downton Abbey. This holiday season, we started watching The Crown.