Meet Vipul Thakkar, MD, SERO’s June 2021 Provider of the Month

Posted on June 1, 2021 in Provider of the Month

At SERO, we want to make every step of radiation therapy as comfortable as possible, helping patients navigate the physical and emotional side effects of cancer treatment. But we also want patients to feel comfortable with our providers.

Learning about what our providers do outside the office can help you see them as caring, empathetic individuals with families of their own—as more than just oncologists. This month, we speak with Dr. Vipul Thakkar, MD, a radiation oncologist.

Tell us about your family.

I met my wife during my residency at the Cleveland Clinic, and we have two amazing boys. Pavan enjoys tennis, computers, and running while Aakash loves board games, biking, tennis, and watching sports.

What do you and your family enjoy doing when you are away from work?

We really enjoy being outdoors, either on the tennis courts, gardening, or walking. We love driving to the beach and taking our bikes out on the sand. We recently visited Yellowstone and were totally amazed by Old Faithful.

What inspired you to choose your specialty?

There is nothing more important than navigating cancer treatment and nothing more complex than radiation therapy. I love making these two things easy to understand for the patient by taking the time to explain the importance of radiation, how it works, and why we are using it in their case. I use real-life examples (e.g. car repair, law enforcement, hunting, gardening) to make the patient truly understand treatment and decisions.

Are there any other interesting facts about you that you would like to share?

I truly feel blessed to live in North Carolina and to have been a part of SERO for 13 years. We are a team of very well-trained doctors focused on patient care and communication. Even though the pandemic has changed a lot of the things we do, SERO’s focus on delivering high-quality, evidenced-based care for our patients remains the same.