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Meet Jeffrey Griffin Kuremsky, MD, December 2017 Provider of the Month

Posted on December 1, 2017 in Provider of the Month

Meet Jeffrey Griffin Kuremsky, MD, December 2017 Provider of the Month

We are proud of our patient care providers and all the fantastic work they do in our community. Over the next few months, we’ll be featuring interviews starting from our newest addition to the SERO family about life outside of the office.

Jeffrey Griffin Kuremsky, MD is our December 2017 Physician of the Month. Dr. Kuremsky has been with SERO Group since March 28, 2016, and primarily treats patients at Lancaster Radiation Oncology Center in South Carolina.

Jeffrey G. Kuremsky, MD

Tell us about your family.

My wife Emily and I have been married a little over one year. We got married on her family farm in Winston Salem, where her parents were also married more than 30 years ago. She is a kindergarten teacher in the South Charlotte area. We have an Airedale terrier named Oliver.

What Do You and Your Family Enjoy Doing When You Are Away From Work?

We love to go to the North Carolina beaches and spend time in Wilmington, as well as the mountains (Asheville, Blowing Rock). We also really enjoy going to sporting events and concerts. I am from Pittsburgh and a UNC alum, so we try to catch the Penguins or Steelers whenever they are in North Carolina, and see the Pirates (Bucco’s to a Pittsburgher) at least once a year.

I also try to get back to Chapel Hill for football or basketball games each year. I am still trying to get used to people saying “Carolina” and referring to South Carolina and not UNC. We also like to go to Broadway shows and musicals, and are excited about the great lineup this year in Charlotte!

My brother is an orthopedic surgeon in Raleigh and he has two young daughters we are very fond of. We love visiting with them every chance we get!

What Inspired You to Choose Your Specialty?

My father was a physician and through that exposure, I became interested in medicine at a young age.  Several members of my family were diagnosed with cancer when I was growing up. Those experiences cultivated my desire to become an oncologist

What Was Your First Job?

My first job was working at McDonald’s. I worked on the grill there, and I enjoyed that job!  I also worked at our local library, and one summer I worked for the maintenance department of my high school with several of my classmates/friends. That was quite an interesting experience.

I was briefly considering becoming a lawyer and worked for a real estate law firm for 2 years in Chapel Hill, which was interesting as well.