Meet London Vaughn, PA

Posted on August 19, 2022 in Announcement

Written by Dr. Burri

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At SERO, we pride ourselves on the exceptional service that we provide our patients, which makes our newest Physician Assistant, London Vaughn, a natural fit for our team. SERO is happy to introduce PA Vaughn.

London Vaughn, PA

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Before joining SERO, Vaughn completed her fellowship at the Atrium Health Center for Advanced Practice in Charlotte, NC, where she worked in the Hematology/Oncology department.

While at Atrium, Vaughn gained leadership experience by working with the multidisciplinary Goals of Treatment Committee to help patients complete advanced directives, ultimately presenting the project for Institutional Review Board approval.

Vaughn received her Master of PA Studies from Chatham University in Pittsburgh, PA, and graduated cum laude from North Carolina’s Elon University with a BA in Psychology. While at Elon, she worked with Dr. Mathew Gendle to analyze the effects of brain-boosting supplement phosphatidylserine on memory care patients. Her breadth of experience makes her a valuable addition to SERO’s team of care providers.

In her free time, PA Vaughn enjoys giving back to her community. In addition to taking part in Atrium’s 2021 Mass Covid-19 Vaccination Event, she’s worked in fundraising and outreach for Elon’s Alzheimer’s Initiative, the Red Cross Blood Drive, and Colleges Against Cancer.