Meet W. Reggie Sigmon, MD, February 2019 Provider of the Month

Posted on February 1, 2019 in Provider of the Month

Written by Dr. Burri

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Reggie Sigmon, MD is our February 2019 Provider of the Month. Dr. Sigmon has been with SERO since July 2013 and sees patients at Catawba Valley Medical Center (CVMC) and Frye Regional Medical Center (FRMC).

William R. Sigmon, MD

Tell Us About Yourself

I am a Hickory native who graduated from Hickory High School in 1979. From there I graduated magna cum laude from Wake Forest Universtiy in 1983. During my summers from college I worked as an orderly at Frye Regional Medical Center. I completed medical school at University of North Carolina and then residency at North Carolina Baptist Hospital.

I returned to Hickory as a Radiation Oncologist in 1991. In 1992 I started Hickory Radiation Oncology based at CVMC, which grew to three physicians and expanded to FRMC. In July 2013 we joined SERO. I am now the “old man” in Hickory.

Tell Us About Your Research Interests

As you can see, I love this area and never went too far from “home.” During medical school I realized that Radiation Oncology allows great patient-physician relationships and is very effective in treating cancer with limited side effects. We staff very personable and progressive departments at both CVMC and FRMC.

I currently live in Hickory with my wife of over 30 years, Lisa, and three German Shorthair Pointers. With that many dogs, it is a busy home. We are very proud of our two grown sons. We are members of Peace UCC and I am on the church council. We also follow daily mentoring of Darren Hardy (a combination of Christian principles common sense and hard work).

Dr. Sigmon

What do you enjoy doing when you are away from work?

For fun, Lisa and I walk nine holes of golf most evenings in the summer. We are “foodies” who love cooking and wine (and often cook at home to be with the three dogs). I really enjoy hunting in the fall/winter (especially upland game with my dogs) and typically go to Kansas and Nebraska. I also love to fish in the spring/summer and find it hard to get on the boat without at least one dog tagging along.

In the future, I hope to have more time to travel around the USA with my wife as well as spending time at the beach. I also plan to learn how to become a better saltwater fisherman.

Dr. Sigmon
Dr. Sigmon
Dr. Sigmon
Dr. Sigmon
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