Our Content Guidelines & Approval Process

After a cancer diagnosis, you and your loved ones face many changes ahead. It’s natural to have questions for your Doctor. As your partners in radiation oncology care, we want to support you by giving you all the tools you need along your journey to recovery.

To offer our patients the best possible resources, we follow our Content Guidelines & Approval Process. Our team produces content based on these principles to deliver essential, accessible, and useful information you can trust.

1. Being a Trusted Guide

Looking for information online about cancer or radiation therapy can be confusing, even overwhelming. You want to find a guide that can show you where to start.

To be that guide for you, we choose content topics that are relevant and actionable for every step along the patient journey. There are many new oncology terms and concepts to learn ahead. We strive to break down this new information into content that’s compassionate, accurate, and helpful.

2. Delivering Accurate Radiation Information

All content on our website is physician-reviewed and approved.

SERO’s radiation oncologists are graduates of some of the most prominent schools in the country, and they review all medical content before publication. Our oncologists check that the content is clear, empathetic, relevant, and accurate to deliver the best patient experience.

We also work with oncologists, dermatologists, and registered dieticians focusing on oncology to review and check any content that extends beyond the field of radiation oncology. This extra step ensures that we are delivering the highest-quality information and education.

As we build our content, we look to peer-reviewed studies, research organizations, and medical leaders for our sources. Our physicians also offer information during the content development process, offering you additional expertise within the content.

3. Making Information Accessible to You

We’ve developed a variety of content types to make important information about radiation therapy as accessible as possible. Our library includes guides, blogs, research news, visual illustrations, and videos. As you explore our resources, you can always speak to a physician if you have questions. It’s important to us that you or your cancer caretaker understand all aspects of your treatment.

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