Gordon Guo, MD

Gordon Guo, MD

workRadiation Oncologist
location_onAtrium Health – Lancaster Radiation Therapy Center

About Dr. Guo


North Carolina

Professional Organizations

American Society of Radiation Oncology (ASTRO)

American Brachytherapy Society (ABS)

ABR Online Longitudinal Assessment (OLA)


Mount Sinai Beth Israel

2015 — 2016

New York, NY

Brachytherapy Fellowship

University of Manitoba

2010 — 2015

Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Radiation Oncology Residency

MD Anderson Cancer Center


Houston, TX

Resident Elective

University of Toronto

- 2007

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Doctor of Medicine

University of Waterloo

- 2003

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

Doctor of Medicine


Assistant Professor, GU/GYN Service Chief, Brachytherapy Service Chief, Indiana University Simon Cancer Center


Indianapolis, IN

Assistant Professor, Department of Radiation Oncology, University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center


Cleveland OH


Find Dr. Guo’s full list of publications on PubMed here.


  • McClelland S 3rd, Le Y, Ng SK, Guo GZ: Can HDR Brachytherapy Achieve superior Proximal Seminal Vesicle Coverage to LDR brachytherapy? A DOsimetric Comparison of two Brachytherapy Boost Modalities. Abstract 20000697, Radiological Society of North America, 106th Annual Meeting, 2020.
  • Yi Le, Zheng Gu, Matthew Napiwocki, Gordon Watson, Gordon Guo. A plan quality assurance QA) method for HDR breast brachytherapy with multi-lumen balloon applicator and HDR interstitial prostate brachytherapy American Brachytherapy Society Meeting, Miami, FL, 2019
  • Hinton J, Schilder J, Guo, G. High-dose-rate Brachytherapy following concurrent chemoradiotherapy for locally advanced cervical cancer: Early outcomes after adoption of MRI-Guided 3-D volumetric planning American Brachytherapy Society Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA. 2018
  • Gordon Guo, Lawrence Tena, Tracy Ng. High-dose-rate Brachytherapy boost in addition to IMRT for nasopharyngeal carcinoma ASTRO Annual Scientific Meeting, Boston, MA. 2016
  • Gordon Guo, Pascal Lambert, Naseer Ahmed, Garry Schroeder, Derek Fewer, Shaun Loewen. Aggressive local therapy may improve survival in NSCLC patients with limited brain metastases ASTRO Annual Scientific Meeting, San Francisco, CA. 2014
  • Gordon Guo, Candace Myers, Keith Sutherland, Pascal Lambert, Jim Butler, Harvey Quon. Prospective swallowing outcomes after IMRT for oropharyngeal cancer: dosimetric correlations in a populationbased cohort. ASTRO Annual Scientific Meeting, International Journal of Radiation Oncology * Biology * Physics Vol. 84, Issue 3, Supplement, Page S480. Boston, MA. 2012
  • Goldstein, J., Guo, G., Li,C., S.E. Quaggin. A simple and reproducible genetic model to study glomerulosclerosis in the mouse. American Society of Nephrology 39th Annual Renal Week Meeting. San Diego, CA. 2006
  • Cui, S., Li, J., Guo, G., S.E. Quaggin. Innocent bystander theory for progression to glomerulosclerosis in a transgenic mouse model, American Society of Nephrology, St. Louis, MO. 2004
  • Gordon Guo, Debra J. Morrison, Jonathan D. Licht and Susan E. Quaggin. The Wilms Tumor Suppressor Gene binds to a podocyte-specific enhancer from the Human Nephrin Gene. Annual Conference of American Society of nephrology, San Diego, CA. 2003
  • Gordon Guo, Chenglin Li, Vera Eremina, and Susan E. Quaggin. Podocytopenia leads to glomerulosclerosis in transgenic mice. Annual Conference of American Society of nephrology, San Diego, CA. 2003


Tirkes, Temel (Ed.) Prostate MRI Essentials – A Practical Guide for Radiologists Hardcover ISBN 978-3-030-45934-5 eBook ISBN 978-3-030-45935-2 Springer International Publishing 2020 Chapter 11: Prostate MRI from Radiation Oncology Perspective


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