SERO physician Justin Hart, MD, PhD

Justin Hart, MD, PhD

workRadiation Oncologist
location_onRotates to multiple locations

About Dr. Hart


South Carolina Medical License

North Carolina Medical License


Resident, Anderson Cancer Center


Houston, TX

Post-Graduate Residency

Vanderbilt University Medical Center


Nashville, TN

Post-Graduate Internship

Duke University Medical School


Durham, NC

M.D., Ph.D.

Dartmouth College


Hanover, NH

Bachelor of Arts in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Magna Cum Laude


Medical Director, Wellstar Radiation Oncology Clinic at Cobb Hospital


Marietta, GA

Radiation Oncologist, Wellstar Radiation Oncology Clinic at Cobb Hospital


Marietta, GA

Radiation Oncologist, North Georgia Radiation Therapy


Gainesville, GA


Find Dr. Hart’s full list of publications on PubMed here.

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Selected Meeting Presentations

  • Hart, J.P., Z.N. Rabbani, L.P. Hale, L. Chen, J. Wu, O. Craciunescu, M.W. Dewhirst MW, S.V. Pizzo, M.S. Anscher, and Z. Vujaskovic, (2004) The serine protease inhibitor camostat mesilate increases the incidence of lethal gastrointestinal toxicity following radiation therapy. Radiation Research Society Annual Meeting (St. Louis, MO). Poster and oral poster discussion.
  • Hart, J.P., Z.N. Rabbani, S.V. Pizzo, Z. Vujaskovic, and M.S. Anscher, (2004) Cytokine profiling to predict radiation-induced lung injury. ASTRO Annual Meeting (Atlanta, GA). Oral presentation
  • Hart, J.P., T. Guerrero, V. Johnson, M. Khan, D. Luo, T. Pan, J. Ajani, E.L. Travis, R. Komaki, Z. Liao. , et al.,Radiation Pneumonitis: Correlation of Clinical Toxicity with Pulmonary [18F] Fluorodeoxyglucose Uptake Dose Response. Poster Discussion Session, 2007 ASTRO, (Los Angeles, CA).
  • Justin Patrick Hart, M.D., Ph.D. Hart, J.P. , J. Carpenter, N. Patel, D. Valdecanas, K. Mason & L. Milas. CpG Oligodeoxynucleotides (CPG ODN) Immunotherapy Enhances Tumor Radioresponse: Systemic Effects and Mechanisms. Poster Discussion Session, 2008 ASTRO, (Boston, MA).
  • Hart, J.P., J. Carpenter, N. Patel, D. Valdecanas, K. Mason & L. Milas. CpG Oligodeoxynucleotides (CPG ODN) Immunotherapy Enhances Tumor Radioresponse: Systemic Effects and Mechanisms. Paper Presentation, 2008 RSNA (Chicago, IL).