SERO Offers the SpaceOAR System for Prostate Cancer Treatment

SERO Offers the SpaceOAR System for Prostate Cancer Treatment

Written by: SERO Staff

Prostate cancer has a high survival rate, but seeking treatment is not always an easy decision to make when it comes to managing side effects after treatment. Radiation therapy for prostate cancer can cause side effects such as rectal pain and bleeding.

Previous treatments involved inserting a balloon between the rectum and prostate to help mitigate exposure to radiation. This balloon typically required regular replacement until the end of treatment.

New advances in technology have led to the development of SpaceOAR, a gel which is used in place of balloons to reduce radiation exposure to the rectum.

What is SpaceOAR?

SpaceOAR is a biocompatible gel that is placed between the rectum and prostate. The gel decreases exposure to radiation by as much as 24%. The gel is naturally absorbed into the body after 6 months.

The SpaceOAR system helps protect patients from both short-term and long-term side effects and improves comfort during and after treatment. Unlike previous balloon implants, SpaceOAR is a one-time application, which eliminates the need for repeat visits.

SERO is proud to offer the SpaceOAR system to minimize side effects of prostate cancer treatment and improve patients’ overall quality of life.