Meet Robert McCammon, MD September 2020 Provider of the Month

Posted on September 1, 2020 in Provider of the Month

Written by Dr. Ward

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At SERO, we are proud of our providers and all of the phenomenal work they do taking care of the citizens of our community. We are honored to feature interviews that focus on the lives of our physicians throughout our office outside of the community.

This month, we are proud to feature Robert McCammon, MD, who is SERO’s September 2020 provider of the month!

Robert McCammon, MD

What Made You Choose To Work with Cancer Patients?

While in medical school, I did a radiation oncology rotation, and I was immediately inspired by the courage of the patients confronted with such a frightening diagnosis. I was also drawn to the marriage of technology/innovation and the very personal human connection that can be made between physician and patient that is unique to our specialty. I consider choosing to pursue oncology to be one of my best decisions!

Tell Us About Your Family.

Meet Robert McCammon, MD

I did a lot of traveling growing up and I feel fortunate to have seen so much of the world. I was born in Micronesia, as my dad was doing civilian missile tracking work for the military. This later took us to England, where I lived for a few years. However, I spent most of my childhood in Colorado. I enjoyed school and sports as a child, and I got my first job at the age of 12, delivering newspapers.

Now, I have a wonderful family of my own. I am married with three children ages 13, 10, and 7.

What Are Your Hobbies Outside of Work?

I try to maintain an active lifestyle outside of work. Most of my free time is spent with my family, supporting a myriad of children’s activities, which have slowed somewhat during the pandemic. I enjoy running and playing tennis; however, my favorite sport is skiing, and I still try to “hit the slopes” every year while visiting friends and family in Colorado.

In terms of less physical activities, I enjoy reading, particularly World War II history, and I’m a novice guitarist with ambition to improve someday when I have more time.  Lastly, I’m a huge sports fan. I love the Denver Broncos and Denver Nuggets in particular, but I’ve also become a Panthers fan now that we call the Carolinas home.