The ABCDEs of Melanoma

The ABCDEs of Melanoma

Written By: SERO Staff

Protect yourself from melanoma.

315,000 new cases of melanoma are diagnosed every year in the United States. In 73,870 of those cases, the disease will spread from the site of the original tumor (a condition called invasive melanoma). An estimated 9,940 will die, a rate of nearly one death per hour.

Melanoma is a curable disease when caught early. While not all melanomas show symptoms before spreading, the vast majority of cases begin with an abnormal mole or growth on the skin. If detected during this stage, the cure rate is very high.

To protect yourself from a very curable but potentially deadly disease, doctors recommend regular self checks every two months. And to help you know what to look for, consult the chart below. It only takes a few minutes every few months to help protect against melanoma.

Melanoma self-check guide


Click here to view a printable version of the ABCDE chart.