William Warlick, MD | Charlotte NC Cancer Treatment Doctor

Meet Dr. Will Warlick, MD, SERO’s August Provider of the Month

Oftentimes, the most unnerving part of a cancer diagnosis is the uncertainty. Many patients feel overwhelmed by the unknowns: What does radiation therapy involve? How will it affect my day-to-day…

Benefits of Radiation Therapy for Skin Cancer

Radiation therapy is a safe, effective, and non-invasive treatment option for non-melanoma skin cancer, including basal and squamous cell carcinoma. Surgery is the most common treatment option for non-melanoma skin cancer, particularly for minor, early-stage cases. Radiation, however, provides an excellent option as an alternative to surgery in many cases, as well as optimizing the effectiveness of skin cancer treatment when paired with surgery as an adjunct therapy.

SERO Welcomes Three New Oncologists

Radiation oncologists are the physicians who develop your therapy plan, working closely with other cancer doctors to maximize the radiation’s effectiveness. As such, these individuals are instrumental…

Protecting Your Skin From the Sun

Harmful UV rays pose a significant threat to the health of our skin. Sunburns, premature aging, and skin cancer are all common side effects of frequent exposure to the sun. It's simple to protect yourself from these dangers—apply sunscreen, don't use tanning beds, wear protective clothing, and stay out of the sun when possible, especially during the middle of the day. By making these activities a part of your daily routine, you can maintain healthy skin and avoid skin cancer. Download and print the infographic below, put it on the refrigerator, and keep yourself safe from the sun!

UV Rays & How the Sun Can Damage Your Skin

While sunburns are painful and unsightly, they are far from the most dangerous aspect of UV radiation. After the sunburn fades, severe UV radiation damage and/or long-term sun exposure can alter our DNA and cause us to develop skin cancer.
Kevin S. Roof, MD | SERO Doctors | Novant Health Huntersville, NC

Meet Dr. Kevin S. Roof, MD, SERO’s July 2021 Provider of the Month

At SERO, our providers see patients as more than a diagnosis. Our physicians see you for who you are—an individual with unique passions—and they want to help you recover and return to those interests. By…
divided cancer cells

What Makes a Healthy Cell Turn Cancerous?

Healthy cells turn cancerous when they experience a genetic change that causes the cell to become immortal. Instead of undergoing regular cellular death, the immortal cell continues to live, but no…
doctor doing skin check to look for differences between atypical and precancerous mole

Atypical Moles vs. Precancerous Moles vs. Normal Moles 

Most of us have moles on our bodies. While moles can be perfectly normal, it is important to understand the characteristics of a normal mole as well as atypical moles and cancerous moles and whether we…
Vipul V. Thakkar, MD | SERO Doctor | Rock Hill Radiation Therapy Center, SC

Meet Dr. Vipul Thakkar, MD, SERO’s June Provider of the Month

At SERO, we want to make every step of radiation therapy as comfortable as possible, helping patients navigate the physical and emotional side effects of cancer treatment. But we also want patients…
Amanda Cromer

Meet Amanda Cromer, NP, SERO’s May 2021 Provider of the Month

At SERO, our award-winning providers understand the importance of trust. Mutual trust is the foundation of all patient-clinician relationships and, as research shows, is linked to improved health…