CaroMont Cancer Center Tumor Board Presentation by Charles Meakin

T.T. is a 46 year-old woman who underwent renal transplantation 20 years ago and has been on an immunosuppressive medication since the transplant. She started developing squamous cell skin cancers on her sun exposed arms and face 5 to 7 years ago...

CaroMont Cancer Center Kayak & Dinner

CaroMont Cancer Center Staff enjoys river kayak and dinner at the US National Whitewater Center.  CaroMont Cancer Center Medical Director Dr. Charles Meakin served on original Board of Directors of USNWWC from its inception to 2012.

Vitamin B3-Nicotinamide Found to Protect Against Common Skin Cancers In Australian Study

Dr. Diona Damian, Professor of dermatology at the University of Sydney Australia reported at the Annual 2015 meeting in Chicago of the American Society of Clinical Oncology on their study using vitamin B3 to prevent common skin cancers in their elderly population...

Prostate Cancer Treated with Seed Implants (Brachytherapy) shows Paradoxical Utilization

Dr. Steven Frank gave a talk on the use of brachytherapy or seed implantation for prostate cancer as a “model for value in the changing healthcare environment”. He reported the data on Standard outcomes...

Cancer Remission Definition

The good news: remission indicates that your cancer is improving in a measurable way. Your tumors may be shrinking or disappearing, your symptoms may be improving or going away, or there may be less cancer in your body overall. Generally, remission means that you can reduce or stop your treatment, at least temporarily.

Oncology Definition

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, chances are you’ve visited a doctor who specializes in oncology. Oncology is an umbrella term used to describe all branches of medicine that deal with the diagnosis, treatment, and overall care of cancer patients, as well as research into how cancer develops and what we can do to help prevent, treat, and cure it.
radiation oncologist talking to a senior man prior to treatment

When should I get a prostate exam?

Before deciding whether or not to undergo testing, men should weigh the potential risks and benefits of prostate cancer screening, review medical history and personal risk factors for prostate cancer with their physician, and arrive at an informed conclusion.
Physician checking a chart and speaking to a senior patient

How to Reduce Risk of Prostate Cancer

Clinical oncology trials are scientific studies that test the impact of a medical treatment on a selected group of patients with a common medical condition.

SERO List of All 2014 Abstracts and Publications

A compilation of SERO's collective 17 abstracts and 10 presentations given in 2014.